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How a Bone Specialist Can Help You

There are many ways that a bone specialist can help you achieve the best orthopedic solution. Let’s take a look at the different types of problems that they deal with and how they can help you.


Orthopedic Surgeon

An orthopedic surgeon deals with the branch of medicine that corrects deformities. An orthopaedic surgeon is an expert who focuses on the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgery is in-demand within the medical profession.



Do you need hand treatment or surgery? Western Orthopedics is a clinic in Sydney that specialises in orthopedic surgery. 



A ganglion is a sac-like swelling or cyst. It is formed from the tissue that lines a joint or tendon. The tissue is called synovium. It functions to produce lubricating fluid for these areas. A ganglion is a cyst formed by the synovium that contains a thick jelly-like fluid. 

A ganglion can follow local trauma to the tendon or joint. They usually form for unknown reasons that cannot be pinpointed. The only truth is that they can be early signs of arthritis. If you suffer from a ganglion wrist, there are many orthopedic surgeons available to help with treatment. 


Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is any discomfort that is found within the wrist. It can often be caused by:

  • – Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • – Wrist injury
  • – Arthritis
  • – Gout 



A contracture can develop in different parts of your body, such as muscle and skin and joints. The main symptom of contracture deformity is the inability to move certain areas within your body. You might also have pain. This depends on the location and cause of the contracture.



A muscle contracture involves the shortening and tightening of the muscles. A bone specialist can help you to resolve muscle contracture problems.



A skin contracture may develop through scarring from an injury, burn, or past surgery. This will limit your ability to move that part of your body. A bone specialist can help you to resolve skin contracture problems.



A joint contracture can happen where two or more bones connect. You tend to experience a limited range of motion in that area of your body.  A bone specialist can help you to resolve joint contracture problems.


Cubital Tunnel

Cubital tunnel happens when the ulnar nerve is stretched or compressed. This happens in the area where it crosses the elbow. Symptoms of cubital tunnel include:

  • – Numbness or tingling in the fingers
  • – Pain and soreness across the forearm
  • – Weakness or soreness in the hand area 



Arthrodesis is also referred to as joint fusion. It is a method of surgical joint ossification used to fuse the bones in a joint. This happens when other treatments do not provide the desired results.


Wrist Joint

Do you suffer from wrist joint problems? Doctor Sunner is an orthopedic Surgeon who specialises in orthopedics. He completed his training in Australia and Canada and opened his first clinic in Penrith in 2020.

His services are available from a range of locations in Sydney. Dr Sunner values times with his patients. He ensures that they are comfortable and well informed so that they can achieve the best results.


Need A Bone Specialist?

Western orthopedics offers the best orthopedic treatment and surgery in Sydney. Surgical procedures include:

  • – Total Hip Replacement
  • – Hip Resurfacing
  • – Total Knee Replacement
  • – Partial Knee Replacement
  • – Total shoulder Replacement
  • – Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement


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