Orthopedic Surgeon

Doctor Sunner ‘s Orthopedics Journey

Doctor Sunner is an orthopedic Surgeon. He completed his training in Australia and Canada and opened his first clinic in Penrith in 2020.

His services are available from a range of locations in Sydney. Dr Sunner values times with his patients. He ensures that they are comfortable and well informed so that they can achieve the best results.

Orthopedics Career

In 1992, Dr Sunner started as an unaccredited orthopaedic registrar. This meant that he was doing orthopaedics, but it did not count as part of his official training.

In 1997, Sunner started as accredited orthopedics registrar. This is when his official training started. 

In 2001, Dr Sunner completed his official training. This was the year that he became a specialist orthopedic surgeon. He also spent one year in Canada doing subspecialty training. This training was in arthroscopic/sports medicine.

2002 was that year that Dr Sunner started his first clinic in Penrith. From this year onwards he has worked as an orthopedics specialist. Qualifies for 18 years, Dr Sunner has been in the field of orthopedics for 28 years.

Doctor Sunner Profession

Doctor Sunner did not have preconceived ideas about what he wanted to do while he was at university. His first term as an intern was in orthopedics and he loved it. He enjoyed all the other terms but not quite as much as orthopedics. So, he decided to delve deeper into an orthopedics profession.

The most rewarding part of his career is talking to patients and operating on them to fix their problems. He loves seeing a smile on his patients face when they are walking pain-free.

In orthopedics, most of the problems are lifestyle-related. Arthritic joints cause pain and affect the patients’ lifestyle as a result. Dr Sunner finds it very satisfying to relieve his patients. All his surgery procedures have successfully reduced patients’ pain and restored lifestyles.

Dr Sunner has had many patients in recovery after a hip replacement saying, “the pain has gone.” He believes that this feedback is the most satisfying part of the orthopedics journey.

The orthopedic surgeon had a 93-year-old lady who had not walked for 6 months. She required Dr Sunner’s expertise to operate on a painful knee. She returned to him 6 weeks after her knee replacement and gave him a hug. He finds this the most rewarding feeling of all.

According to Doctor Sunner, there is no such thing as a typical day in the life of an orthopedic surgeon. He states that it can vary so much and that is another beauty of working in the field of orthopedics. “It all depends on whether I am running a clinic or operating at the private hospital or public hospital.”

His best skills are the ability to talk and empathise with his patients. Doctor Sunner’s surgical skill set allows him to perform advanced surgery. This includes joint replacements using the latest technology. Also, computer navigation and robot-assisted surgery.

Doctor Sunner believes that all challenges and problems can be overcome by reflection. He reflects on why problems/challenges occur and finds the best possible solution. When it comes to clinical challenges, he often consults his colleagues. He shares his experiences at regular departmental meetings. Dr Sunner also attends regular conferences. This is where other national and international surgeons share their experiences.

Dr Sunner feels that being an orthopedic surgeon is the best part of his life. He always looks forward to Mondays, eager to get back to work after weekends or holidays. “The ability to talk with my patients and make a difference in their lives is very rewarding. It gives me that indescribable feeling of joy and satisfaction,” Dr Sunner says.

Personal Life

In his spare time, Dr Sunner enjoys reading and spending time with his family. He tries to fit in a round of golf every so often when he has the time.

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