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Childhood Hip Disorders Perthe’s Disease(SUFE)

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Childhood Knee Disorders Perthe’s Disease (SUFE)

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Childhood Hip Disorders Perthe’s Disease (SUFE)

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The Hip Quiz

Many conditions can cause or contribute to chronic hip pain, and many treatments exist. Each person’s experience with chronic hip pain will be different.

The Knee Quiz

The cause of your knee pain can determine the symptoms you experience. Chronic knee pain is long-term pain, swelling, or sensitivity in one or both knees.

The Shoulder Quiz

Many conditions can cause or contribute to chronic shoulder pain, and many treatments exist. Each person’s experience with chronic shoulder pain will be different.

Orthopedic Conditions

Fractures & Trauma

It may be cracked or completely broken

Sports Injuries

Occur when playing indoor or outdoor sports


Arthritis literally means inflammation of a joint

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If you need a qualified and caring practitioner in Sydney, visit us. Our principal surgeon— Dr. Pavitar Sunner —has the tools and training to treat any knee, hip or shoulder injury with careful attention.

Hip pain treatment options

The hip joint is one of the body’s largest weight-bearing joints and is the point where the thigh bone (femur) and the pelvis (acetabulum) join. It is a ball and socket joint in which the head of the femur is the ball and the pelvic acetabulum forms the socket.

The joint surface is covered by a smooth articular cartilage that cushions and enables smooth movements of the joint.

Dr. Pavitar Sunner

Dr Pavitar Sunner completed his medical degree at the University of Sydney in 1989. Following from orthopaedic training in North Side Sydney Training program, he then completed a one year fellowship in arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder/sports medicine.

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Dr. Sunner treats musculoskeletal injuries and provides the following surgical procedures:

  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Hip Resurfacing
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Partial Knee Replacement
  • Total shoulder Replacement
  • Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

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Knee pain can be caused by a sudden injury, or by an underlying condition, such as arthritis. Treatment will vary depending on the cause.