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Total Fusion in Orthopedic Medicine

Total fusion is a special type of surgery. It is performed to correct different areas of the musculoskeletal system. It is a term that is used in the branch of orthopedics medicine. An orthopedic surgeon will operate on their patients to create a total fusion in a specific area of the body. This article will help you to gain a better understanding of surgery used to treat the ankle, wrist and knee.



Ankle total fusion is a type of surgery used to fuse the bones of your ankle into one piece. It’s also referred to as ankle arthrodesis. The ankle total fusion surgery is usually performed to treat arthritis that is found within the ankle. The ankle joint is also called the tibiotalar joint. It is where the shinbone rests on top of a bone located at the foot, called the talus. The ankle also includes the subtalar joint. This is where 2 of the foot bones meet. Arthritis can create pain in these 2 joints in the foot. Over a period of time, 

the smooth cartilage on the surface of the bones wears away which creates pain and swelling.

Ankle total fusion is a surgery that is performed to fuse 2 or more bones together within the ankle. This helps to stop the pain and inflammation. An orthopedic surgeon will make an incision in your ankle to work on the joint using total fusion. They will then compress the bones together. They do this by attaching them with plates, nails and screws. In some cases, an ankle can be treated with minimally invasive surgery. 



Arthrodesis is the surgical immobilisation of a joint. It is created by the process of total fusion of the adjacent bones. Wrist total fusion is also known as wrist fusion. It is a surgical procedure in which the wrist joint is stabilised. This is done by fusing the forearm bone together with the small bones of the wrist. Wrist total fusion is done to relieve the pain that is created by severe trauma to the wrist. A painful wrist can interrupt daily activities and make them difficult.

The wrist is made up of 8 different small bones. These are called carpal bones. The metacarpal bones are the long bones that lie within the palm. These attach to the phalanges which are the bones in the fingers and thumb. Wrist total fusion is used to stop problems such as pain and inflammation.



Knee total fusion is major and complex surgery. This is why it is performed in a hospital setting or orthopedic clinic. Sometimes a post-operative stay in a rehabilitation unit is required to help the transition. Damaged cartilage and bone from the ends of the thigh and leg bone will be removed. Then the ends of the bones are fused together with metal plates. Sometimes the orthopedic surgeon will carefully remove a small piece of bone from your pelvic bone. This is used as a bone graft to help fuse the bones together. Depending on the type of hardware that is used, the device may stay in place permanently. If complications occur during the knee total fusion, you may need to stay in the hospital longer. 

Sometimes, patients are discharged to a rehabilitation centre. This is to help with recovery and the healing process. It is normal for swelling to occur after surgery.  Be sure to keep your leg elevated to reduce the swelling and maintain circulation. Your doctor will also prescribe you with pain management medications. This will help you transition into your new life after knee surgery.


Total Fusion

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