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Overcoming Common Orthopedic Problems

There are many treatments and solutions for orthopedic problems. Let’s take a look at common issues and how they are treated with orthopedic surgery.


Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention or correction of injuries. It also deals with disorders of the skeletal system. This is correlated with muscles, joints, and ligaments. The musculoskeletal system offers support, stability and form, giving your body the ability to move. Most musculoskeletal injuries can be ascribed to strenuous, sports-related activities.


Western Orthopedics 

In 1989, Dr Sunner completed his Medical Degree at the University of Sydney. Since then, he has achieved extra training and a fellowship in Winnipeg, Canada.

Dr Sunner returned to Penrith in 2002 to begin his private practice, Western Orthopaedics. He continues to research new procedures and improve his orthopedic methods. This is to ensure that you walk away from any orthopedic surgery completely healed and satisfied.


Western Orthopedics Services

As an ever-evolving practice, our Western Orthopaedics team has incorporated computer navigation into knee replacement surgery. We specialise in shoulder stabilisations, hip arthroscopy, arthroscopic knee reconstructions and rotator cuff repairs of the shoulder.

We also offer arthroplasty (joint restoration) procedures and may use a prosthesis to restore the integrity and function of a particular joint.


Calcified Tendonitis

Calcific tendonitis is a condition triggered by calcium deposits. This is the building up in a person’s muscles or tendons. If calcium builds up in an area, a person may feel pain and discomfort with a limited range of movement.

This condition can arise in other parts of the body too. The most common area for calcific tendonitis to develop is within the rotator cuff. This is the group of muscles and tendons that provide strength and stability. They provide strength and stability to the upper arm and shoulder. Orthopedic surgery may be necessary to treat calcified tendonitis.



Arthroscopy is the examination of the inside of a joint. It is performed using a special illuminating instrument. This is inserted through creating a small incision. The incisions are usually less than one centimetre in size.

The arthroscope is slender and less than five millimetres in diameter. It has a fibre-optic light source and a magnifying lens attached to it. Tiny instruments are capable of cutting or shaving material from within the joint. They are inserted through other small incisions, if necessary.



A trapeziectomy involves removing the trapezium. This is a small bone that is located in your wrist. Your arm is numbed using a regional anaesthetic or a general anaesthetic. Your orthopedic surgeon will make a small cut on the back of your hand at the base of your thumb. Then they will remove your trapezium. Your orthopedic surgeon will close your skin with a small number of stitches. A trapeziectomy usually takes 60-90 minutes to complete.



A laceration is a deep cut or tear that happens on your skin. Accidents with knives, tools, and machinery are frequent causes of lacerations. In the case of a deep laceration, bleeding can be rapid and extensive. This requires emergency orthopedic surgery to help fix the laceration.



Epicondylitis can occur suddenly or develop slowly over time. It all depends on what causes the development of epicondylitis. Symptoms can range from mild to severe pain and may require orthopedic treatment. If you have a painful elbow problem, you may experience any of the following:

  • – Pain on the inside of your elbow
  • – Elbow soreness and stiffness
  • – Hand, wrist and arm weakness
  • – Tingling sensation or numbness in the fingers
  • – Difficulty with movement

It is very common for elbow pain to move downwards from the arm to the wrist. This makes it difficult to complete everyday activities and can be very frustrating. Activities such as picking up items, opening a door, or giving a handshake become difficult.


Orthopedic Quiz

Do you suffer from an orthopedic problem? Western Orthopedics can help you to understand the problem and find a solution. Take one of our quizzes today.

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