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Achieving The Best Orthopedic Surgery Recovery

What is Orthopedic Surgery Recovery?

Orthopedic surgery recovery is when a patient goes into rehabilitation. Rehabilitation begins after orthopedic surgery has been completed. Orthopedic surgery recovery happens for partial or total joint replacement. It is also for orthopedic surgery on the following parts of the body:

  • – Hip
  • – Knee
  • – Shoulder
  • – Spine
  • – Wrist
  • – Hand
  • – Foot
  • – Ankle



When you return home, you will follow a home rehabilitation program on your own. You can also have in-home visits from a physical therapist. A range of physical therapies at other locations may be part of your rehabilitation too. The aim of rehabilitation is to:

  • – Increase your range of movement
  • – Improve your function
  • – Give you greater strength


How long does it take to recover from orthopedic surgery?

Orthopedic surgery recovery can take quite some time. Discuss everything that concerns you with your orthopedic surgeon. Ensure that you understand the short and long-term limitations of your orthopedic surgery. Your doctor will educate you on:

  • – Recovery times
  • – Rehabilitation requirements
  • – Expectations for your individual condition and treatment


What should I do after orthopedic surgery?

Before you’re discharged from Western Orthopedics clinic, Dr Sunner organises your rehabilitation plan. This is to get you up and moving around as soon as possible. The timeframe in which you can return to normal life depends on the type of surgery performed.


Pain Management

There are different types of medication prescribed for short-term pain relief after surgery.

Pain management medication includes:

  • – Opioids
  • – Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • – Acetaminophen
  • – Local anaesthetics

It is best to try avoiding opioids after surgery. This is because these medications are narcotics and can cause addictions. If you need to use them, be sure to reduce the intake as your pain begins to reduce.


Daily Exercise

It is important to ensure that you get your daily exercise after orthopedic surgery. But, this must be gentle exercise. There are many exercise programs that will assist you on your journey to recovery.


orthopedic surgery recoveryTherapy

Physical and occupational therapy are the most effective tools for orthopedic surgery recovery. This helps in getting back to exercise and everyday activities.

At-home Care

It is best to have someone stay with you for the first night. This will help you to feel more comfortable, cook your meals and help with other factors. Having someone support you will help to avoid shoulder pain. It will ensure that you follow post shoulder surgery guidelines. Sports Health explains the 15 must-haves after shoulder surgery. Be sure to stock up on these items to help make your healing journey as straightforward as possible.


Sleep and rest are vital factors when it comes to healing from shoulder surgery. You could tend to feel more tired than usual, but this is normal after any surgery. Taking care of yourself by getting extra rest will ensure that you are on the road to recovery.


Is orthopedic surgery painful?

It is normal to feel some pain and discomfort after surgery. Each person has a different pain tolerance. It is important to be aware that your pain could last several weeks. If this is the case, take your pain medication as prescribed. Follow all discharge instructions to ensure that your pain is managed.

Got any questions about your orthopedic surgery recovery? Contact your orthopedic surgeon and they will be able to help you.


What does an orthopedic surgeon do after surgery?

Dr Pavitar Sunner has advanced training to help you achieve orthopedic surgery recovery. He is an orthopedic specialist who helps patients to stop living with pain. Dr Sunner offers the following orthopedic treatments:

  • – Total Hip Replacement
  • – Hip Resurfacing
  • – Total Knee Replacement
  • – Partial Knee Replacement
  • – Total shoulder Replacement
  • – Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Take an orthopedic quiz designed by Western Orthopedics to see what orthopedic solution they can provide for you.

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