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Knee Reconstruction with Western Orthopaedics

Knee reconstruction is also known as ACL reconstruction. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is an important ligament. This is because it serves the purpose of stabilising the knee. If you have torn this ligament, your knee can collapse or be unable to hold weight. This happens when particularly making twist or turn movements.

An ACL injury happens as a result of forceful twisting. This happens to the area of the knee which can often require knee reconstruction. The most common causes of this injury are contact sports. You can injure other parts of your knee at the same time. For example, this could be tearing cartilage or damaging the surface of the joint. 


Benefits of Knee Reconstruction

When you have a knee reconstruction, your knee should be able to hold the weight that is put on it. This will allow you to be more active in everyday life and enjoy a pain-free lifestlye. You may also be able to return to some of your favourite sporting activities with ease.


Best Knee Surgeon Sydney

The cause of your knee pain can determine the symptoms you experience. Chronic knee pain is long-term pain, swelling, or sensitivity in one or both knees. Treatment for knee pain may include:

  • – Pain management medicines, such as painkillers and anti-inflammatories
  • – Strapping the knee or a brace to support the knee area
  • – Physiotherapy
  • – Knee reconstruction surgery

Searching for best knee surgeon Sydney? Dr Pavitar Sunner has a range of orthopaedic expertise. He specialises in knee construction and other types of orthopaedic surgical procedures.


Knee Specialist 

When you suffer with knee pain, you may need to see a knee specialist for a knee reconstruction. Pain is a common knee problem that can originate in any of the bonye structures. This can cause problems through compromising the knee joint. It can also impace the kneecap or the ligaments, tendons, and cartilage of the knee. Knee pain can become worse through physical activity. Obesity is also another factor. 


Knee Doctor

Knee pain can affect people of all ages. In more severe cases, knee reconstruction may be required. This means that if you believe you might be suffering with a severe injury, you should contact a knee doctor. There are many home remedies available that can be helpful too. Here are some self-care instructions that you can follow, recommended by a knee doctor.


Get Extra Rest

Avoid any strenuous activities that create pain. Try to be active through gentle exercise. Alternative activities that cause less discomfort include swimming and cycling.


Use Ice

You will need to put ice on your knee area for 15 – 20 minutes a few times everyday.


Compression Bandage 

Carefully wrap an elastic bandage around your knee. This will help to control the swelling around your knee. Be careful to not make it too tight as this could cause more pain or leg swelling. You can also take time out from compression by using the method of elevating your leg. This also helps to reduce swelling .


Pain Management Medication

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may help to relieve pain, swelling and inflammation. These are available to buy over-the-counter.


Knee Surgeon

A knee surgeon is the specialist who performs the knee reconstruction surgery. Dr Pavitar Sunner is a knee surgeon who has helped many patients in Sydney. He is passionate about helping people return to a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. This is possible after knee reconstruction surgery.


Western Orthopaedics Clinic

Searching for an orthopaedic surgeon to help you with a knee reconstruction? Western Orthopaedics operate in a range of convenient locations across Sydney. You can take the knee quiz designed by Western Orthopaedics to discover how Dr Sunner can help you.

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