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Before and After Hip Replacement Surgery

At Western orthopedics, we care about providing the most insightful information. Perhaps you are preparing for hip replacement surgery? Perhaps you’ve finished your hip replacement surgery and need some tips for recovery? Whatever stage you are at, we are here to help you achieve the best orthopedic journey.


Before Hip Replacement Surgery

There are many steps to follow before you have your hip replacement surgery. This is because it is quite a complex process. Your orthopedic surgeon will need to know everything. Your orthopedic doctor needs to know the following:

  • – The pain levels that you are living with
  • – Any medications that you are regularly taking
  • – How you generally feel about your hip replacement surgery

Here are some measures to put in place before you have your hip replacement surgery.


Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker then there are many benefits of quitting. It is especially important if you are preparing for orthopedic surgery, to try to quit. Quitting smoking will create healthier opportunities for your orthopedic surgery to be successful.

Nicotine use affects blood flow and can slow down your recovery. Smoking may cause complications when seeking hip replacement surgery. Your surgeon may be able to give you smoking cessation tips. You can also be referred to a medical professional who can help you quit.


Lose Excessive Weight

To prepare for hip replacement surgery requires losing excessive weight. If you’re overweight, your doctor may recommend that you lose a few pounds.  You can ask your doctor to assist you with specific weight-loss goals. There are many ways to reach weight loss goals with support systems in place. 

If you choose to lose weight then this can help decrease the chances of complications. It will help to avoid problems such as infection after hip replacement surgery.


Exercise and Stretching

It is important to ensure that you get exercise before hip replacement surgery. It does not have to be intense training, but gentle movement is great for the body. Stretching is also a very good way to prepare you for surgery. 

Your orthopedic surgeon may provide you with simple exercises. These are for you to follow before your hip replacement surgery. This will ensure that you are strengthening the muscles around your hip.

hip replacement surgery


After Hip Replacement Surgery

There are many steps to follow post hip replacement surgery. This is to ensure that you achieve the best possible recovery. After hip replacement surgery, your orthopedic specialist will provide you with:

  • – Pain management solutions
  • – Medication
  • – Daily exercises
  • – Tips for recovery

Here are some measures to put in place after your hip replacement surgery.


Organise a Driver

You will not be able to drive after your surgery. This will put pressure on the area that has been operated on. Thus, driving is dangerous. You will need to organise someone to drive you home from the hospital. It would also be beneficial to have someone drive you other places for a few weeks after, should you need them to. This includes visits to see your physiotherapist or appointments with the surgeon.


Take Supplements

The 6 best supplements to take after hip replacement surgery are:

  • – Vitamin K
  • – Grape seed extract
  • – Coenzyme Q10
  • – Arnica
  • – Fish oils
  • – Iron


Get Plenty of Rest

Sleep and rest are vital factors when it comes to healing from shoulder surgery. You could tend to feel more tired than usual, but this is normal after any surgery. Taking care of yourself by getting extra rest will ensure that you are on the road to recovery.



When you return home, you will follow a home rehabilitation program on your own. You can also have in-home visits from a physical therapist. A range of physical therapies at other locations may be part of your rehabilitation too.


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