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20 Questions to Ask Before Surgery

Planning your surgery can be a daunting process. Your current pain threshold may also make it more difficult to concentrate and think about after surgery plans.

Your surgeon should discuss your surgery and recovery in-depth, but it also never hurts to ask questions that may be on your mind. Being more aware of the surgery process may also alleviate any stress you may be feeling pre-surgery.


Before Surgery

Below are some questions to ask your surgeon that may ease the pre-surgery process.

Here are some questions you may want to consider asking your surgeon:

  1. – Step-by-step, what will the entire procedure involve?
  2. – Are there any non-surgical options?
  3. – Will you need to go on a special diet before the operation?
  4. – What are the risks and complications that can be associated with the procedure?
  5. – What will you need to do leading up to the surgery to prepare? Will you need to stop any medications?
  6. – What is the surgeon’s particular experience with your procedure? How many does he or she perform each year?
  7. – What is the success rate with your specific procedure?
  8. – Will anyone else be assisting in the operating room?
  9. – How long does the operation last?
  10. – How long will you expect to stay in the hospital?
  11. – How will the pain be managed in the hospital and upon release from the hospital?
  12. – Will you need any medical equipment or modifications at home after the operation?
  13. – Who will you be able to call after you go home with any questions?
  14. – When will you go in for a follow-up visit and who will examine you?
  15. – What limitations should you expect following the surgery? How long will limitations last?
  16. – Are there any side-effects?
  17. – How much time will you need to be off work and/or school?
  18. – Will you need to have help at home to assist with bathing and daily activities?
  19. – How long will you need to wait before driving again?
  20. – What can I do to help with my recovery?




Each patient is different and will have specific concerns and considerations to make. It is very important that you think through your own list and make sure to write your questions down before meeting with your surgeon. It might be beneficial to bring someone with you to help gather the information you need.


If you have any other questions to ask Dr Sunner before or after your consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


If you have any further questions about the information in this article, please ask your GP. If you are experiencing excruciating pain, please call.

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